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Youth activities are important for a young person’s development

It usually feels like a breath of fresh air whenever I have the opportunity to hang out around some of our Day County youth through programs and organizations designed to help them become better, well-rounded adults. Last weekend at the Day County 4-H Achievement Days was no exception.

Having never been involved in 4-H as a youth myself, I’ve been nothing but impressed, year-after-year, with the way kids in the Day County 4-H program handle themselves inside and outside of the program. These kids exude a level of maturity and understanding of how to conduct themselves in the world that never ceases to amaze me.

I’m not saying 4-H is the only place kids have the opportunity to grow beyond themselves. There are many youth-based organizations I’ve had the pleasure of reporting on and about over the years. These sorts of things gives kids the opportunity to engage their brain and think about things worth thinking about, stuff that helps prepare them for life. The skills youth-based organizations give our future leaders is beyond measure. In Webster and other communities I’ve reported on, I’ve watched kids grow over the years from the quiet, keep-to-themselves types to out-going community leaders through these programs.

To a passerby, it may just seem like another craft project or an animal on a lead, but those activities and projects do more than just occupy a child’s time. Through putting in hard work and working with others to accomplish a goal, they learn valuable life skills of perseverance and communication. Many learn the value of asking questions and develop a lifestyle of learning.

To the parents out there, I strongly encourage you to consider getting your kids involved in something bigger than themselves where they’ll learn to be effective community members and carry the skills they learn into the rest of their lives.

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