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Penning words of encouragement so future generations can learn, grow

I’ve always loved collecting quotes. There have been some brilliant people out there who have a knack for giving abstract ideas form. I find inspiration and encouragement from some of those little nuggets of collective words.

At this spring’s South Dakota Newspaper Association annual newspaper convention, that group’s General Manager David Bordewyk shared a few remarks which were meant to rejuvenate that group of newspaper journalists. Among his commentary was a quote from The Corsica Globe’s 1882 inaugural issue, written by then-publisher George E. Culver. He said:

“We are here to do the honest, upright thing by everybody, as we understand it. If we fail, we ask the indulgence of our enemies – if we happen to have any – and the advice of our friends – if we have any – to set us right. We shall do what we can to build up our town and country, and to keep the good name of Dakota, and her wonderful resources and assured future before our readers at home and abroad. We respectfully ask the cooperation of the citizens of this town and country, and so far as they see fit their support, assuring all that we intend and expect, in all conscience, to give value received for all business entrusted to us for which we ask pay. We are here to ‘grow up with the country,’ to take our chance with our neighbors, and give and take as fortune and the elements may prescribe.”

As Bordewyk pointed out when he shared those words, do you hear that optimism and energy in Culver’s words? That newspaper’s publisher seemed to earnestly want nothing more than the best for his community.

“...As we all know, it was that optimism, energy and determination that built our communities and our Dakota. And it’s that same passion you bring today and every day in the communities and markets served by your newspaper. Informing your readers. Serving your community. Being the best of the Dakotas,” Bordewyk said at the conclusion of his speech.

Words like these lift me up and inspire me to do the best that I can for this place I call home.

Some people might think that a newspaper has an agenda to push or only shows one side, but the truth is – at least this has been the case at the Reporter & Farmer during my time here – we do our best to be an unbiased source of information which records the everyday happenings for future generations.

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