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Areas you probably shouldn’t forget when spring cleaning

A good “spring cleaning” is part of cold-winter climate tradition. The picturesque way this event happens is you block off the whole day, throw open the shutters and windows as you begin dusting and sweeping furiously, getting every last dead skin cell (i.e. dust) removed from your dwelling.

Did you know, however, that “spring cleaning” doesn’t have to wait until spring? If you’re going stir crazy like me, you could start now.

To that end, here is a check list of things in no particular order that you might not have thought about that I’ll bet desperately need a thorough cleaning or that should be tackled sometime soon...

  • Declutter. The easiest way to clean is to get rid of some stuff so you don’t have to clean around it... Get rid of anything old that’s sitting around that you haven’t used since before last winter. Chances are, if you didn’t use it anytime last year, you’re not going to use it again this year.
  • Shower curtain and liner. Did you know that just because you use soap while in the shower doesn’t mean the liner is clean? Likewise, the outside curtain gets dirty too. Launder and wash with a disinfectant or simply toss it out and start with a new one.
  • Dusty doorframes (and windowsills too). All flat surfaces are dust magnets in a home. One area you might have forgotten about is the door frame ledges and windowsill trim. Don’t forget to shoo the dust from those places too.
  • Lampshades. Another location where dust can gather is your lampshades. Just run a vacuum hose over the whole thing and collect those dust bunnies.
  • Toilet pedestal base. Arguably the most avoided, grossest part of your entire house that will be cleaned this spring. Don’t skip it though. Disinfect that area, baby.
  • Wash your washing machine. Sometimes we forget to clean the things that do the cleaning. The washing machine falls into that often-but-not-intentionally-neglected category.
  • Cabinets and drawers. Next time you peek inside, take a closer look. There’s crumbs, dirt, hair and dead skin not to mention probably a dead bug or two. Just get that vacuum hose up there and suck up all that stuff, then use a damp rag to clean up.
  • Curtains. Okay, admittedly, this is one that I don’t think I’ve done in a few years. That’s probably why it’s important to make sure it’s on the list.
  • Fridge. Hey, leftovers get spilled sometimes or it may simply have turned into a science experiment at this point. Just empty the entire fridge and wash down the shelves. You wouldn’t eat off a plate if it were that dirty, would you?
  • Clean behind the big things. Pull out all your major appliances (fridge, dishwasher, stove, etc.) and furniture (couch, recliners, beds, dressers, etc.) and sweep, vacuum and wash the floor there. You’ll be amazed at the amount of crud that has collected back there.

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