Lessons from inside the concrete of Main Street

Every day, there’s an opportunity for new mistakes. Just today (June 20), I got the scoop on the latest street improvement, from on inside...of the freshly-poured cement. I was so excited to get a quality photo and I thought I was walking onto a dry portion of the street – wrong.

At first, I thought the guys were mad at me but they said it wasn’t a big deal. Later on, one of their guys stepped in the concrete just near where I had walked. The saying about misery loving company was certainly true then. It gave me an odd sense of consolation, knowing it’s not only me who makes mistakes.

This goes to show no matter how good your intentions, thorough your preparations, keen your perceptions or precise your calculations, there’s always room for failure. In those times, the Lord gives grace in the form of laughter. You have to be willing to laugh at your failures, no matter how humiliating because it’s not forever. We also know the best teachers and mentors are those who’ve failed miserably but got back up.

With that, I wonder what will they learn? Will they learn to throw temper tantrums and quit when the going gets tough or how to laugh it off, try a different strategy and perservere? I hope the latter.

I hope one day posterity sees someone who wasn’t overly self-focused. Mistakes are terrible, there’s nothing fun about having to write a correction, listening to construction workers laughing at you stepping in concrete or anything else but those things happen.

Just this week, I’ve written a correction, realized the rodeo scores I put in last week were from last year and  stepped in concrete. None of those things are fun in the moment but I know I’ll have some good stories to tell and wisdom to share.


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