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New picture, same old person

It’s been time to update this picture for a while. Column photos shouldn’t be like passport photos, meaning they last for 10 years. Back when the vacation photo in sunglasses was first used there was a thought that this might be a temporary gig and I was trying to stay incognito. Realization has taken hold now and I’m here for the duration. You don’t have to read this column unless you want to, but you can count on it being here as long as I am.

Two incidents made the update unavoidable. We hosted bike club back at the beginning of summer and a new member came to the door. I welcomed her and told her who I was. She hardly believed me, remarking that I didn’t look anything like the picture in the paper. The other incident was a really funny one. John and I went to a meeting together one evening and someone was asked who that was with John, because it wasn’t his wife. But it was me.

It’s probably fair to say neither of those people are super recognizers. There was a TV show about super recognizers a few years back that was interesting to watch. It seems to me that during the research and development of the story the reporter discovered that she was one herself. The best of them can match faces better than computer recognition programs. My dad probably wasn’t a super recognizer, but he was great with names and faces. A friend of ours is too and to tell you the truth Betsy is also pretty good. According to what I read, one-two percent of people can remember 80 percent of faces they have seen. The general public remembers closer to 20 percent.

It might be so fascinating to me because I’m closer to the opposite, face blind, a condition known as prosopagnosia. People with that have trouble even recognizing their own faces. I’ve read about someone with that, which was weird because this woman couldn’t even recognize her own children.

Wasn’t that a fun rabbit trail to explore?

Rest assured, my hair color and style have changed and my face has definitely gotten older, but I’m still me.

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