The rumor is true, part of it anyway

Well how do you like that? One of the rumors you’ve been hearing for the past few months is true. As of Oct. 3 Amanda is the new owner of the Reporter & Farmer.

Some of those other rumors are not so true. John and I have no plans of leaving Webster or even the newspaper. Monday morning we will both report to work as usual. You know me, I’m ready to retire as soon as I’m replaced. That hasn’t changed in the last 10 years and one time it even worked for a year or so. Hold your applause, but probably my column will end when the new year begins.

Many of you are a little bit like us, accumulating stuff over the years. If you’ve ever moved you know how possessions seem to multiply. Things you haven’t noticed or taken out of a closet in years are still there. It’s going to be like that at the business too. We haven’t yet started to clear our things out. Hopefully Amanda will allow us a grace period, because we have no place to put things. Our house is just as bad. We are not hoarders, but neither are we minimalists. We live in a big house, but we have 30 years worth of living in it. It’s full.

For years we’ve been meaning to get rid of unused things, but somehow a distraction always comes up and that disorganized pile just gets higher. We have talked about having someone come in and clean, but it would be too embarrassing.

My guess is, we will sort through things at the office, throw a lot away and take a bunch of things home. My hope is, at the same time we will be sorting through things at home and throwing a lot away there too.

So much for that free time Mom thought we would enjoy. Instead of traveling the globe we will be up to our elbows in decluttering.

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