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Little dog presents big challenge

We have had a lot of dogs over the years. Some have been better behaved than others. Some have been pretty easy to train. Some have been buggers. I remember staring down Betsy’s bulldog when he was staying here for a little while as a puppy. Stared him down until he caved.

After dealing with that what challenges could a little seven pound Havanese present? Everything with her should be a piece of cake and we should have her pretty much circus ready in a week, if we wanted to. What silly optimists we were.

As it turns out, she is probably more stubborn than Yoda. She picked up dancing for a treat in seconds flat, but that’s where she has stopped. She was an adult dog and already house trained, but I have to tell you, whoever taught her that had to have the patience of Job!

We bought a book that is geared toward training small dogs. The first command is “look at me.” The only way to get her to do that is by holding a treat to my forehead. And sit? Forget that. Stay? Ha. Come? Not if she can get away.

But there has been some progress. After the first few days here she refused to go for walks. Every time I’d snap a leash on her she would either dig in her heels or lay down. Usually both. Now she will gladly run around the block – preferably free and being chased – but willingly even on a leash.

It’s just going to take more time of working together, reading and rereading that book. In the meantime, if you see me running around frantically I’m just trying to catch my dog. She’s faster than you’d think.

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