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Ticked off at tick meds

The other day I was lazily stroking Madigan under the chin when an engorged tick fell off. I’d thought it was a piece of food stuck in her beard at first because that was its size and shape. Yes, it was disgusting. Since then I have found another little guy, just crawling around looking for a place to lock on.

Higgins, the St. Bernard mix that we used to have developed seizures too soon after being treated with a chewable repellent to be a coincidence, so we are reluctant to use chemicals. Now we are on the lookout for a natural repellent. Clicking on the first suggestion online and reading the reviews I was ready to order. But it turns out they don’t ship to South Dakota.

Apple cider vinegar is supposed to help according to some sites, but according to others there is no evidence of it doing much of anything. It’s early in the research process for me, so I’m still hopeful that there is something out there that will actually work.

There are people who swear by essential oils for nearly everything, but that’s a bandwagon I haven’t jumped onto. I’ve dabbled, but that’s all. There is a long list of oils that are toxic to animals, so it isn’t necessarily something I want to try.

We can’t keep our dogs in the house all of the time, or even our yard, so a solution has to be found. My mind knows that very few dogs have adverse reactions to what we buy at the vet clinic, but my heart can’t let another pet go through what Higgins did.

If you know of a good, natural solution let me know. I’ll just be surfing the internet looking for one in the meantime.

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