Have you done anything stupid lately?

We have spent a lot of time in the car the past several weeks. Part of that time there was free satellite radio and whatever station was on wanted stories about something stupid that you did that ended in the emergency room. I later checked their Facebook page, thinking of column ideas but didn’t find any stories. Feel free to tell me some of yours, you never know what might run in this space on a slow week.

John started thinking about my accidents right away. The cycling accidents that have been serious enough for treatment can’t really be considered stupid. They were just accidents. No worse than that time John missed a curb while on a run and broke his arm just before boarding a cruise to Alaska. Accidents can happen even when you’re doing something right.

My stupidest one was during Webster’s first annual Germanfest. There were inflatables for the kids and one of them was a racecourse for two people. I challenged John, jumped the gun for an early start and within the first few feet of the course landed wrong on my ankle and damaged the tendons. I was on crutches for weeks. Note to self: No more bouncy houses.

Quizzing the staff, nobody has done anything too stupid but they’ve all ended up in the emergency room at one time or another. Someone fell off a horse and convinced her parents that her hip was broken. It was just bruised. Someone cut their arm on the way to a ballgame with her family. They watched the game and hit the ER on the way home. It must have been a long game because it was too late for stitches, the doctor just taped it up. Someone else rocked a little too hard in his grandma’s glider and tipped over on his head. Yet another of your newspaper staff stood too close to a window during a storm and was injured when the glass broke. My favorite is the one who told her kids to wait in the car while she ran to do something. While running her errand she stepped wrong, spraining her ankle. She waved to her kids for help but they wouldn’t leave the car. They thought she was testing them.

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