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What’s for dinner is a generational thing

Mom plays dominoes once a week with some of her friends and neighbors. Her turn to host has rolled around, so she made pies. She’s always been a good pie maker.

I have a theory that when we grow up our cooking is a lot like our mothers’. One of my favorite pies is lemon meringue, which she made regularly for the 18 years I lived at home. Now she makes pecan or cherry pies just as often and even had several years where she made almost exclusively sour cream raisin. Fortunately that was after I’d left.

But it’s not just pies. Entire meals that she fixed together, I fix together. Certain meats just go with certain vegetables I guess. However, we eat a greater variety of veggies than was probably even available back in the ‘60s and ‘70s.

Then there’s the time my youngest sister called to ask how to make a grilled ham and cheese. That’s the way I remember it, but her memory differs. She can outcook me any day of the week now.

But just before sitting down to write this column a picture was texted to our sisters group. There she was, holding a beautiful lemon meringue pie. I commented about how delicious it looked and she responded that it was her first one. Being younger, maybe she was still at home for the sour cream raisin. Or even the beginning of the pecan pies that Mom became famous for.

It would be fun to be a mouse in the corner of either of my sisters’ homes during meal time. My theory might have to be changed to believing that we cook a lot like our mothers did at some pivotal period in each of our development.

Meanwhile, it’s tempting to visit Mom and her domino buddies to horn in on their dessert.

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