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Don’t tell John but I found a potential retirement spot

We are having lunch at a lodge seemingly in the middle of nowhere close to the Idaho/Montana line. It’s the first time we’ve had WiFi in quite a while, so while eating we both have been multitasking. Not only was there no WiFi, there was no cell signal and not even a radio station.

But do you know what there was? The sound of the river. We have been along the Lochsa River and it’s beautiful. And judging from the trees clear out in the middle, it’s high. Last night at our campground we met some people who are white water rafting. Best time of year, according to them. You wouldn’t catch me going into that water on purpose!

Michelle and I are still friends. The word adventure has become our code word for something went wrong. We’ve used it a lot. Her husband thinks we should have taken before and after pictures of the RV. Maybe once we get it clean and shiny again it will look closer to the way it did when we started.

Even with everything that has gone less than the way we had hoped or expected, I would recommend everyone do this. If you don’t ride, just travel the country and stay at campgrounds. We have met some wonderful people and the scenery we have seen! I knew we had a large and diverse country, but seeing it up close like this and taking the time to visit with people who live in the different areas has been great. We have actually run into a lot of people with South Dakota ties.

John doesn’t know it yet, but if we ever retire anywhere other than Webster, I have the spot.

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