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We will probably name her Fiona

John doesn’t surprise me very often. But today as I was putting away groceries, out of the blue he asked me out for coffee.

To be honest, he might surprise me more often than I surprise him. We’ve been together a long time and know quite well what to expect out of each other.

He got me good a few weeks ago. It was when I had decided to get a Löwchen and had contacted a few breeders. All of a sudden he was on board for a new puppy, if it was a Wheaten terrier. He contacted breeders, filled out application forms and answered questions. The soonest available one turned out to be in Missouri. She won’t be born until the end of next month, then we will have to wait eight weeks to get her, but we are going to get another dog. Although she isn’t born yet, we do have pictures of her parents. I can certainly show you family pictures. (I’ve bored most of my closest friends with them already.)

Since then I have joined a Facebook group dedicated to the breed and have learned a lot about them. We have discussed names and think we have decided on one, but of course we will have to see her first to be sure it fits her. (Neither of us has ever seen Shrek, so that’s not where the name came from.)

Are you ready for one more surprise? The other evening he was surfing the internet as we sat on the couch and I took a peek at the screen. He was checking into the possibility of a Wheaten participating in agility training, seeing how early a puppy could start training and even when and where events were held.

I’ve always been the dog person in our relationship, but he’s getting ready to surprise me again. This one could turn out to be his dog.

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