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Time change could also mean a time to volunteer

November 1 at 2 a.m. the clocks get turned back one hour. If you have a smart clock it will do it for you. Mine falls back early so I do not forget when my head hits the pillow. But it also means something else.

Those who have a battery operated smoke detector, like most people, it is time to change the batteries and test them to make sure they are working. Hopefully in your lifetime that is the only time you will hear them go off. Once in the fall and if you are vigilant, once in the spring.

A smoke detector as well as carbon monoxide detector can make a big difference. While we do not burn wood anymore I still remember our kids entering the house and turning right around yelling Carmon is in the house. Carmon was our neighbor at the time and no he was not in the house. It was carbon monoxide. The wood burner door warped and leaked carbon monoxide in the house and set off the detector.

No that is not the reason we do not burn wood any longer. I got older and wiser and found out a gas fireplace was cleaner and easier on my body.

Talking about my old body, the Webster Fire Department is looking for some new young recruits for the department. A few new people have joined, but there is still room for three more volunteers.

So if you ever wondered how you could help your community, being a volunteer firefighter may be just the calling you are looking for. Talk to any of the firefighters on what they do and how to become a member. Not sure who is on the department, call the newspaper and someone here can give a couple names for you to talk to.

So next week, change the clock, the batteries and change your life by becoming a volunteer firefighter.

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