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School will be starting, but with changes

This year the first day of school may seem so much different than any other, but the idea of having school in a classroom setting is so much better than the alternative of online, flex, remote.... Students may have masks, lunch time and recess may be different, but what it all comes down to is providing the best education for the student and 172 days of learning and not a shortened year or a year of learning on both sides of the desk on remote learning.

If students, parents, teachers, administration or the board had a crystal ball it would make it easier to plan for a productive educational year. No one does have that crystal ball. What is the norm or rule on day one could change on two and three or day 172. The nice thing going for Day County students and for that matter South Dakota students is that our state is low on COVID cases compared to many other states.

The one thing this year’s education system is going to take is patience on everyones part from the students, parents, staff and administration and realize everyone has a different tolerance level. Without that we might as well go back to chiseling our answers on stone tablets with grunts and groans.

Students need to learn and interact. Todays society has already put so many students with their head down in the phone messaging in one format or another. Many cannot give the correct change without a cash register telling the amount. The more impersonal learning we have outside of the classroom could even set students back further.

Let’s take it one day at a time, take a breath and enjoy that our future leaders are starting out in the classroom and hopefully can finish off the year in the same way they started. The way it was back in March is not like it is today. The same will hold true the way students start the first day may certainly not be the same way they finish off their year. The complaining, screaming, threats will not change anything. Let us hope student and staff safety is more important than anything else.

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