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Think before you light it up

The July 4 holiday is coming right up. With that comes some responsibility when it comes to fireworks. As a kid, and even when we had kids, the Fourth of July was something to look forward to. Not only watching some great displays but setting them off.

Before you light off your fireworks, take some time to plan and think. Think about a metal bucket to hold all your Holy Cows and sparklers. These are hot items and need to be disposed of properly, including ones that may not have gone off. Don’t try to light a fuse that gives you no time to get clear.

Fireworks can cause burns and even blindness. Even simple fireworks such as sparklers. I never gave it a thought as a kid, but those glowing metal rods are similar to a branding iron and hot sparks do burn. Keep in mind we have had some weird weather this year and a rocket going off on a roof or in dry grass can spread quickly.

I know the City of Webster has an ordinance on fireworks (see elsewhere in this issue) but other communities may have similar ones prohibiting fireworks within city limits.

There is another aspect to fireworks. Our communities have a number of veterans who have served our country proudly and still suffer some of the after affects with the sounds of fireworks. I have seen signs in yards stating a veteran lives here, please no fireworks.

There are a lot of things to think about when it comes to fireworks, but with some forethought and preparedness they can make the holiday memorable in a good way. No grass fires started with multiple fire departments called in, no veterans sent to the hospital in trauma, no letting the kid shoot off fireworks without supervision and now they are blind.

Have a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July.

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