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Community and times do change

Change is a part of life. If it was not we would all be in diapers and doing you know what. Some things are good and other things are opportunities to learn from. Like life, communities change as well.

That is right. You still live in the same place with the same community name, but things have changed. I see that all the time when looking back through the archives of the Reporter & Farmer. This past week someone asked me what hours a business had in 1983 when they opened. While I could not find that business advertising at the time of opening, they do advertise today and are still here. Back in 1983 very few businesses ran hours. The crazy thing was very few even ran their location. Maybe it was a time when everyone knew.

Over the years communities have lost and gained businesses and with every loss it is like losing someone close to you. Just like a number of years ago we lost a close friend, ALCO. That friend was quickly replaced with Shopko. Then this past month Pizza Hut shuttered its doors and Creative Home Furnishings put their building up for sale or lease.

Old timers of the area remember when Creative Home Furnishings was Dakotah, a business at the national level and even on network game shows. But what really got me in bewilderment was some of the events like crazy days. Maybe I’m dating myself but I can recall that same type of event in my hometown. A bargain hunter’s dream and a merchant’s way to dispose of inventory that had not moved.

Today we have new businesses in what might have once been a bank, a restaurant, motel or some other business. It is because of people who believe in their community and put an investment into their community. I really believe it is not to become rich, but to make a living providing their community with their business.

What it comes down to is people like them starting or continuing with a business and people like you who are willing to support your small town businesses. So before you head out of town, see if one of your hometown businesses can help you before there is another change.

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