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Summer is over, school has begun

It is hard to believe that school has started and that means drivers need to be even more cautious. As younger students head back to school, a couple items might be going through their heads. They may be thinking I don’t want to go and yet others are looking forward to seeing on a regular basis some of their friends they may not have hung out with as much this summer.

But no matter what is going on inside their minds, safety may not be at the forefront. They may not be crossing in the crosswalks, they may be weaving around on their bikes and I think you get the picture. More information on that is in an advertisement from the Webster Police Department. As drivers, both young and old, we need to be cautious and on the lookout for kids especially before and after school hours. But remember not everyone may be running on time so be cautious all the time.

Remember it is the law that when people are in the crosswalks they have the right-of-way. For those in the right-of-way remember as well to still look both ways, stay off cell phones and don’t take for granted that just because you may be in the right, don’t dart out in front of vehicles.

It is a good time of the year for parents to talk with their younger drivers and those on foot and bike about being safe. The last thing anyone wants is an accident that could change the school year.

Another important factor for students with driving permits is to know about their hours of operation and be aware now that you are a driver. The sheriff had an ad in last week’s paper about permit drivers as a reminder to them and their parents. The reminder this week is school bus safety. The last thing you want is to be tracked down and ticketed, but worse an accident for not obeying the law.

Have a safe and enjoyable school year.

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