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Memorial Day is a holiday that should not be forgotten

Memorial Day is not a holiday that should be forgotten or overlooked. For many, it’s not just a day off work, it is a day of remembrance, a day to recall and honor those no longer with us. It is a day to pay respect for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice and served our country but who are not with us today.

No matter what, if you are working or not, see if you can find time to go to a Memorial Day service close by. See the list of names of soldiers who are not here today. Go to the cemetery and see the flags and memorials honoring those veterans.If you can, and the weather cooperates, take in the Memorial Day parade in Webster. Go and see the color guard honoring the fallen and deceased. Make May 27 a day to remember. There is a story in this week’s paper listing area Memorial Day programs with times and places. If at all possible go to one even if you do not know any of the brave men and women who served our country.

As the list of deceased grows, the list of living veterans supporting either the VFW or Legion decreases. It would be a shame if the tradition of Memorial Day falls to the wayside because those organizations are forced to discontinue honoring their members, those no longer with us or those who lost their lives in battle before even having the chance to join a veterans service club.

I keep thinking maybe one year some other non-veteran service organization will help put on a program not only for Memorial Day but Veterans Day. From promoting the parade, arranging for veterans to go to the armory and cemetery, to serving veterans lunch.

Not only should we be remembering what these veterans did for us, but the sacrifices they and their families gave for the many things we take for granted.

It would be a much different country and world if our veterans did not give their all.

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