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You might not know if it works

Unless a person tries something new, you won’t know until you try it. Take for example German Fest. We tried to do a buffet style meal in speeding up people getting their food and not a backlog in the kitchen. It solved one issue now we need to continue to get it down.

That is like anything you might try new. Next year German Fest is hoping to have some new things as it will not only be German Fest but the 20th anniversary of Friendship signing with Dewangen. We are hoping many of our German friends can make it back for the event and we want them to take an active role in community festival as well.

In the past there has been kuchen, wine and beer judges, helping in the kitchen and preparing authentic German recipes of some of the things we serve.

But just like it was in 2001 and for the signing in 2003, it is about friends. Tried something new like the friendship pact in 2003 and it worked. Until you have been involved on both sides of the pond, it is hard to imagine. When we tell people about our friendships in just a week stay, they have a hard time believing, but it is something magical.

From there others not originally involved helped expand the idea to a student exchange. As things continue to grow, there are sometimes growing pains and forgetting what it is really about, lifelong friendships and lifelong memories.

Those who have been involved in any group or organization know everything does not always go smoothly and sometimes feelings get involved. But under all those feelings is still the main reason for trying something new and getting new people involved, to keep the friendships alive long after many people are gone. It all comes back to trying something new and finding out what works and what does not and then those in between things that somewhat work, but just need some tweaking.

Our friends in Germany have already begun plans for the celebration in July, prompting us not to wait until the final month as old and new friends come together for German Fest Sept. 23, 2023.

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