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Time to take pride in your home and community

Many communities in Day County and surrounding towns designate some day or week for what Webster calls large item pick up. A great way to clean up your yard by hauling tree trimming and brush to the curb, getting rid of unwanted clutter that is not useable, no matter if you think that some day I will get around to turning that junk into a beautiful craft project.

Everyone has good intentions, but this once a year valuable service does so much more. It gives you a chance to clear out your home, garage and even yard. So do not let it pass you by. Your intention may have been I will get this hauled down to the landfill this next week or weekend. Then there is something that comes up. Now all you need to do is haul it down to the edge of the street.

While you cannot haul tires, used oil and hazardous materials, you can get rid of that unused portion of paint that you thought to keep just in case of a touch up. Open the can and let it dry out, you may even find out when you open the can it is already dried out from that paint job 10 years ago.

As for those appliances you wanted to save a buck on and haul to the landfill, make sure they are tagged that freon was removed and put it at the curb.

It is crazy for me personally on how much we have disposed over the years. Where did all that come from. Hoarding this or that. Now it is time to have it hauled away, including the garden hose with more holes in it than the end where the water is to come out.

Not only will cleaning up your yard, garage and home make you feel better, some of your neighbors may think so as well. If we all do our part, it will be a much more attractive place.

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