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There is plenty of winter left, park it or ticket

Anyone who has lived in South Dakota for a year knows a couple of things. The first is, winter is the longest season of the year. The second is, despite how nice it may be one day, the next day could be a drastic change.

While the October snows came and went away, new snow flurries have taken their place. This year it has been unseasonably warm in comparison to many years. It almost feels like we are in a banana belt but I wouldn’t set your plants back outside quite yet. While it has been a great winter so far, there is a lot of it left.

We have discussed not crowding the plow. Give them room to make the roads safer for all of us. If you must travel when the weather is bad, don’t forget a winter survival kit, a charged cell phone and let people know when you are leaving and those on the home front when you’ve made it.

There is something that may be overlooked or forgotten, especially this year. With our light dustings of snow, people may not be thinking about their vehicles.

A couple things with your vehicles. Make sure they are winter ready and in sound running condition. We have a number of mechanics right here in Day County who can see that your vehicle is safe and sound. Remember cold, snow and ice can take a perfectly good running car and turn it on a dime into a ton of cold metal that does not move.

And move it you should, especially if it snows. That is right. When your city comes around plowing the streets for even a couple of inches of snow it makes it extremely difficult with vehicles parked on those streets. In Webster those vehicles can be ticketed and towed. Possibly other communities have a similar policy.

It is not about the ticket or even the tow bill. It is about the safety of people plowing, your vehicle and that the plow operators may need to come back. That’s right. Following a snowstorm, plowing may be done in the early morning hours before you and I are awake. White car, white snow and dark sky... you can see how a vehicle might get clipped.

Do your part and if it is snowing and if you even remotely think the crews will be out plowing, get your cars off the street. Find a friend, your yard or even a business in town that offers snow parking.

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