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More meetings may be needed to sell school project

Webster Area School Board members have been talking about a new school facility. What started with discussions of replacing the who knows how old boiler and pipes that steam heats and water heats. Those talks progressed into something else.

Hiring two companies to give recommendations on the district’s direction, it seemed that some communications may not have been the same, as the two companies’ proposals were two totally different things. One was on the issues they found with the old vo-ed wing to roofs to peeling bricks and water issues. The other was a proposal of tearing down the vo-ed wing and building new.

Nonetheless, these have been covered and will continue to be covered. What was the shocker at one meeting was that a committee had been formed, yet it was never discussed by the entire board in an open meeting. Then a financial guy came in to talk about how much the district can easily spend out of capital outlay before requesting the taxpayers pass a bond. That figure was $9-10 million.

Now discussion of how to replace the wrestling room has brought up talks of getting more definite figures on the project and whether that would need to go into a bond.

Either way if the board really feels strongly that a new CTE addition is needed, a new gym or even a theatre or other items, they should be able to sell it to the public and get it passed just like the WAVE group did with the swimming pool. If something is needed and people can see that they will go along with it.

Passing something without public input can cause a rift in communities. Yes the board spends money on various items throughout the year on things that range in prices. That is why we elected them – to be good stewards of the taxpayers’ dollars. This could be a time to be stewards for the patrons by asking them for their support again. Just like when you were elected.

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