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Every election is important and every vote counts

Coronavirus has had an impact on our lives. Things changed and continue to change. Some of those you and I may not care about and others we should do the extra things to make sure this virus does not change. That thing which should not change is getting out and vote.

There are three elections set for our local area June 2. The first election is the one most people around the state will be participating in. The general primary election. This will be a change for people in Day County. There are 14 precincts in the county and in the past people voted closer to their precinct location. On June 2 that will all change. All 14 precincts will vote at the Webster armory. Polls will remain open from 7 a.m.-7 p.m.

There are sample ballots published in this week’s paper. Like any election look them over and be prepared and know how and who you want to cast your ballot for. One vote can make a difference, and that one vote could be you.

There are three more elections that same day, the Webster Area, Waubay and Groton Area School board elections. The ones you vote for will be guiding their respective school district for the next three years, not to mention the direction of our students. For Webster that election will be held in the elementary gym. Waubay at the school. On the public notices pages is a list of precincts in the Groton School and their voting locations.

In the near future Pierpont residents will also be heading to the polls to vote on one who will help guide their community. Their election is set for June 16 and people up there who are not registered to vote can still do so.

Those who may not feel comfortable voting because of the situation they feel the state and country are in right now can still make their vote count by absentee voting.

To make sure your vote is counted, get a hold of the respective, school district, county or municipality and vote absentee.

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