What happened to saying “thank you”?


Dear Editor:

This has been bothering me for quite awhile. It seems many business people have either forgotten or have not learned the importance of saying “thank you.”

In the scheme of things, this is probably not such a big deal. But to me, it is kind of a big deal. I was taught good manners are important in life and in business.

I haven’t kept track, so I don’t have data to support this. But from personal experience, I will say with confidence that less than half of business workers say “thank you” to customers after a purchase. The majority say “have a nice day,” sometimes preceded by “there you go.” It’s not uncommon for some to say nothing at all.

In my opinion, saying “have a nice day” is a poor, over-used substitute for saying “thank you” in a business place. I appreciate the gesture, but it certainly doesn’t capture the moment. Something is wrong when I end up being the only one to say “Thank you” after a transaction, which I usually do after being told to “have a nice day.” It’s especially annoying when you are having one of those “bad days” we sometimes have. Saying nothing at all is inexcusable.

When I choose to do business at a particular place, I feel I am helping that business. The most effective thing they can say to me is “Thank you. We appreciate your business.” A simple “thank you” will do. Some businesses do this. Many do not. When I have a choice, I like to go back to those that do. Gratitude is a powerful marketing tool. Simply telling me to “have a nice day” is not.

I encourage all business owners to reflect on how you, and your employees, express gratitude to customers who have chosen to support your business. It’s apparent many businesses are not training their employees to do this. It should be a requirement. A simple “thank you” is not only the right and mannerly thing to say, it can be good for business.

Doug Hansen,


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