Have you ever asked “why” or “how” you live where you live?


Dear Editor,

As I was driving back from a hospital visit to see my brother due to a recent farm accident a couple of weeks ago, I began thinking about how many people have reached out to my family to offer help and support in so many ways. Food, farm help, yard work and monetary gifts are a few of the many things people have offered. There are farmers who are in some of the most difficult times we’ve had in years willing to stop harvest at their farms to come and help on ours. There were ranchers willing to put their chores on hold to bring their trucks and trailers to get his cattle back home. There have been people who maybe only have $10 but they were willing to give my brother’s family $20. There have been people who have no connection to our family call to offer a lending hand no matter what was needed. As I continued to drive it once again became very clear to me on ”why” and “how” we live where we do. Unfortunately, accidents happen everywhere; but how family, friends, neighbors and local residents respond is what makes us different.

From our family to yours, we appreciate you all very much.


Spencer Huggett,


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