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Subscriber offers to save county tax payer dollars

Dear Editor,

I read with interest the official proceedings of the Day County Commission for June 4, 2020 and published in the June 15, 2020 edition of the Reporter & Farmer. One item that caught my attention was titled Replace Toilet in Jail: Moved by Sinner, seconded by Walters to approve replacing one or two (if necessary) toilets in the jail at an estimated cost of $6,475.00 per toilet. Motion carried.

I replaced three toilets in my home last year for a total cost of $1,000. Before they replace the jail house toilets give me a call and I can recommend a plumber to do it for a lot less. He can fly Allegiant for around $300, rent a car and still save them money.

If they are going to replace the toilets make it two. Next time I’m in town I might want to stay at the jail. It appears to be fancier than where I have been staying.

Merv Tvinnereim

Lakeside, AZ

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