Nineteen sixty-eight


New Jack & Jill store to be built


Webster School held ground breaking ceremonies for the new high school being built. Demolition of the old school is scheduled for March 2004 and completion around Christmas break.

Twenty-four teams competed in the second annual Mayor’s Triathlon with proceeds going to Webster Diamond Club and new ball fields. Team Anderson won the event for the second time.

Bristol Girl Scout gold awards were presented to Becky Hansmeier and Danielle Johnson. They renovated a vacant lot into a garden.


Steel for the new elementary school at Roslyn arrived and workmen have begun construction. When completed, the new school will have the same outside appearance as the gymnasium.

Homecoming royalty were chosen at area schools. At Bristol Matt Benson was crowned king and Kara Zimmerman, queen. Webster’s honorees were medicine man Russell Johnson, queen Becky Jirava and marshall Perry Brown. Roslyn named Steve Rye king and Jody Keintz queen.

Waubay girls basketball team led nearly all the way against Bristol but had to hold off a scrappy bunch of Bristol Pirates to grab a 51-48 win.


Paul Bury and Kay Davidson were chosen king and queen for Bristol High School’s homecoming. Other candidates were Mike Ford, Lauren Johnson, Kathryn Anderson and Kathy Warrington.

Plans were announced for a new grocery store in Webster with the sale of the old Day County Motors building on Main St. Ron Hammitt, presently manager of a Sunshine grocery store in Sioux Falls has made arrangements to lease the building for a Jack & Jill grocery store.

The 14th annual Jaycee lightbulb sales event will be two evenings. The promotion helps raise funds for activites such as Student of the Year, Lawn of the Year, Clerk of the Year, community development projects, etc. Jaycees and Jaycettes will go door to door selling a variety of bulbs.


The 1943 hunting season will open on migratory waterfowl, pheasants and Hungarian partridges. With shotgun shells on a rationed basis unless hunters have a left-over supply from last year, the usual cannonading that rocks the morning air on opening day is likely to be reduced this year. Hunters will limit their shooting in order to make their shell supply last throughout the season.

Webster High School’s football team will open the season Oct. 1 when Coach George Houk’s proteges meet the Britton Braves. Although several boys have not yet been out for football due to farm work, the number of candidates for the team has been increasing almost daily. The Bearcat’s schedule provides four home games.

Wist Produce Company received approval of their application to build a new locker plant which will be located in the Wist & Sons Store. The main locker room will contain 646 lockers and additional space will be provided for lockers in the basement.


To save the lives and health of our men from German poison gas a certain form of carbon is necessary. The best form of carbon for this purpose is made from coconut shells of which there is a shortage. The most satisfactory substitutes are peach, apricot, prune, plum, cherry and olive pits, date seeds, brazil and hickory nut shells, walnut and butternut shells. It is of vital importance that a vigorous campaign for the collection of these fruit pits and nut shells be set in motion.

Former Websterite George Moulton was an employee of the Reporter & Farmer when he enlisted for the Spanish-American War. After the war he located in San Diego, CA and has since been occupied as deputy county assessor. About six weeks ago, the call of the army was too strong to resist and he is now on duty as an army field clerk in one of the U.S. Army divisions on the western front in France.

The train bearing the Liberty Loan war relics arrived in Webster Sunday one hour behind time. An immense crowd, the largest ever assembled in Webster, estimated at 15,000 people, was here to meet it. The concert band was out and discoursed patriotic music. On its arrival, the procession started to view the relics and when the train pulled out approximately 10,000 people had passed through with about a third of the people unable to see the relics for lack of time.


Fire broke out in Barringer’s Meat Market in Andover and within two hours the best portion of the town was in ruins. All businesses on the west side of the street were entirely destroyed.

The latest news from the fashionable center indicate that jackets with full skirts and very large sleeves will be worn during the fall season and that the princess gown will be very popular.

Cards are out announcing the approaching marriage of Mamie Havens to Hon. A.W. Campbell. Only 50 invitations were sent out.

Correction from last week: Nick Biever, Salem yielded 34 bushels to the acre on his five acre lot.

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