Nineteen forty-three


Soldiers to assist farmers


Lillian and Eugene Kampa’s farm was recognized as a century farm at the state fair where they were presented a certificate and metal gate sign.

The fourth annual Relay For Life was Aug. 8-9. Fifteen teams raised $26,278 compared to last year’s 20 teams raising $27,754. Earning national recognition were Roslyn/Fron Victorious Vikings and St. John’s Saints. Each team raised in excess of $2,500.

McCarlson Waterfowl Production Area will be commemorated for its 44 year history. Federal, state, local officials and guests will participate in the event to mark the National Wildlife Refuge System Centennial. McCarlson WPA was the first land in the United States set aside for waterfowl production and conservation in 1959. It is considered a model for future wildlife and habitat conservation.


The 108th Day County Fair got off to a good start when an estimated 1,400 people attended the demolition derby. All exhibit booths have been sold, nearly all livestock entries were up. Jim Woster and the Mogen’s Heroes Show and Band will also be a highlight.

Day County Commissioners were told that culverts on a railroad grade south of Hwy. 12 need to be opened so water that has caused excessive flooding in the Waubay Lake/Minnewasta Lake/Rush Lake area can be drained south to Bitter Lake.

Dakotah Inc. will be honored at the biennial South Dakota Business Excellence awards program sponsored by Industry and Commerce Association of Sioux Falls.


Bristol’s 90,000 gallon water tower is in the process of being painted and repairs made by the Municipal Tank Maintenance Co., Bude, MS. The tank is painted every five years.

Esten Bolland, Roslyn is looking for rain as he cares for an experimental machine which could have a bearing on moisture. The machine has two rods of pure silver iodide which are vaporized by an electric arc and in turn are blown into the atmosphere to mix with storm clouds. Under proper conditions the crystals gather moisture and are precipitated. The machine is made by the Water Resources Development Corporation and he receives phone calls from Palm Springs, CA on when to turn the machine on. The apparatus is usually in operation about 30 hours a month.

Webster swimmers were trophy winners in the State AAU long distance swimming championships at Lake Richmond, Aberdeen. Winners were Lynne Sewell third, Monica Likness, Laurie Baukol fourth, James Mohs fifth, Anne Baukol seventh and Doug Fellbaum ninth.


Webster schools will open Sept. 13, one week later than normal in order to provide additional time for students to engage in work on farms.

Word was received that a unit of 150 soldiers will come to Day County to assist in threshing if actual orders from farmers total 150 men or more. Farm labor representatives in all parts of the county are contacting owners of threshing rigs and other farmers.

Purchasing 155 percent of its quota, Day County ranked fourth in the state in “E” war bond sales in July. Sales of “E” bonds totaled $76,068 as against a quota of $48,990. As a state, South Dakota fell $68,608 short of its $2,300,000 goal for the month in “E” bonds.


The first car of the new crop to go to the eastern market from Webster was shipped from the Farmers Equity elevator. It contained 2,000 bushels of the best barley the manager H.F. Nymann every handled.

That the nonpartisan league is not entitled under the law to any separate place on the November ballot as a party entity because they failed to take advantage of the primary law, but instead must content themselves with having their candidates in the independent column with any others who choose to file that way, is the opinion of Attorney General C.C. Caldwell.

The law enacted by the legislature instructs the County Auditor to send an official ballot to each boy in service, whether in France or in camps in the United States. Therefore, we ask that you forward to the county auditor at once, the last known address that you have of your boy so that we can send him his ballot so as not to deprive him of his privilege of voting on the affairs of his state and county. S.H. Egeland, County Auditor.


Everybody turns out these evenings to ride the horses at the merry-go-round located near the depot. They all ride from the gray haired veteran of 60 down to the little tot of three or four and seem to enjoy it too. They expect to remain here about a week.

President Oschenreiter has been gathering up some specimens to send down to the World’s Fair and has very fine samples of wheat, oats, flax, broom corn millet, Timothy and the native grasses. The collection is in the old post office building.

The time will soon be here when you can straighten up all your little obligations. Every subscriber who is in arrears for this paper can do us a great favor, as well as relieve his conscience by coming in and settling up.

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