Eighteen ninety-three


Elegant rooms to rent in south Webster


April 13 about 250 area residents walked a total of 672 miles in support of area soldiers. The walk was organized by the family support group not only for support of troops but to raise funds to help in the event of family emergencies of deployed soldiers.

Sarah and Briana Johnson are sisters from Webster who joined the National Guard after high school and are now stationed in Fort Carson, CO awaiting orders to be mobilized.

In April 2001 a group of people from the Webster area traveled to Dewangen, Germany to discuss the possibility of a sister city relationship between the two communities. What followed was more conversation about that possibility. On April 5 an official friendship agreement signing was held in Dewangen in front of a packed house in their sports hall. Their festival included band music, chorus, acrobats and presentations by various organizations from their community.


Scott Hansen and Timothy Mammenga are the most recent Webster Boy Scouts to become members of an elite group with the achievement of Eagle Scout the highest rank a scout can obtain. Cody Hanten also achieved the honor this year and records show 52 local scouts have worn the eagle since 1929.

A state survey crew has been busy on Webster’s Main Street/Highway 25 preparing it for reconstruction, probably in 1995. Estimated cost is $2 million, with bid letting scheduled for fall of 1994. The concrete street will be removed, the city will install new sewer and water lines at a cost of $500,000 and the new concrete street and sidewalks will be put in. The new stretch will be from Highway 12 to the south city limits and is expected to take a year or more to complete.

The weatherman finally came up with some nice weather toward the end of last week, but things hadn’t been the best prior to that with 5” of snow dropping in the area over Easter weekend.


David Roth, Webster was appointed Day County Deputy Sheriff. He replaces Kenneth Morris who was earlier appointed sheriff following the resignation of Lloyd Fickler.

Alan Yexley was chosen by the American Legion Post to be the Bradley High School Boys State delegate. Kaye Johnson and Steve Hammer have been named Girl and Boy Stater at Pierpont High School.

A film entitled The Nation Builds Under Fire was shown to Kiwanians. The film dealt with the problems in Vietnam and showed how this country is attempting to win both a war and establish a democracy at the same time. Actor John Wayne narrated it.


To win first honors in the national finals of the Thomas Jefferson Bi-Centennial Oratorical Contest at New York City was the distinction earned by James Rathbun, Webster. He is a student at Northwestern University, Evanston, IL and was entered in the contest as the winner of the Midwest Regional contest.

The annual Webster relays which have been held regularly for the past five years and which have attracted up to 30 schools, have been called off for this year. Due to the poor condition of the track, which still has several feet of snow packed around the grandstand and due to the shortage of labor for seeding, it was thought advisable to call off the meet for this year.

Reports for the War Loan Drive of April 6 are nearly all in with the exception of a few townships and a few scattered districts throughout the county. The returns from some sections are gratifying; however, unless other sections are completed Day County will not reach its quota as set by the Treasury Department. Pledges are now being viewed by the War Loan Committee and canceled as bonds are purchased. According to the committee a vigorous follow-up campaign will be made to reach those who have failed to sign pledges according to their quotas.


We are to have in the very near future a most desirable addition to the industries of Webster and Day County in the form of a new milling enterprise which when installed and in operation will give Webster the best and most complete milling facilities of any point in the northwest. Webster Milling Company has purchased a complete mill, all but the building. The machinery arrived last week, two big carloads of it and they intend to immediately erect another complete mill in a building to be erected south of the present mill. Work on the excavation has already started.

Members of the Red Cross held their first meeting in their new rooms on Main Street. It has been decided to meet only one afternoon each week for the present. An earnest invitation is extended to all who can sew, to come and help make the garments needed by the boys who are fighting for you and me. If we stop to consider what we owe them, we will be willing to at least give them one afternoon’s work each week to add to their comfort. A business meeting was held and all bills against the organization were paid.

The local board of Day County has received word that 18 registrants will be called to the military service during the five day period commencing April 26. Those who are actually engaged in farming must bring with them their own affidavit, substantiated by the affidavit of their employer showing that the registrant is engaged in farming. If the showing is sufficient such registrant may, in the option of the board, remain on the farm until a later period.


At a special meeting of Coteau Lodge and after work had been finished David Williams, in a very feeling manner and on behalf of the lodge, presented Past Master Adams with a suitably engraved jewel case as a token of their appreciation of his labors as a member of Coteau Lodge. The captain was very much taken aback, in fact completely knocked out and for several minutes could scarcely speak, but finally managed to say thank you. After awhile he got his second wind and made some very appropriate remarks.

Do you remember what the old quaker said about “If thee beat me once ‘tis thy fault, but if thee beat me twice ‘tis my fault”? Many of our farmers recollect the Cahill plow attachment deal of three or four years ago. Can you find one of them in use now? There is another just such a traveling outfit in the county now. There are seven wagons and a car of seeders with new-fangled attachments which will be pedaled out over the county. Will they sell them? Of course they will sell them, but who will prove the unlucky bait-biters. Somebody has to or they couldn’t afford to travel around.

Almost everyone has read of the dire results arising from flaunting a red rag in the face of a mad bull, but few people of Day County were prepared for the onslaught of gall displayed by Oschenreiter & Smail by painting their agricultural warehouse red so as to tantalize the unwary settler into noticing their place of business.

Dunkelberger & Co. opened a butter and egg market at the corner opposite Webster City Bank. The firm has had long experience in the business and will make a success.

Spring poetry is late this season, just about the time the muse gets ready to get in its work a little of the beautiful descends to chill the order of the Bard. There is no misfortune without some little compensation.

Mrs. Wedberg is mak­ing ­­extensive­ ­improvements on her property on South Main St. and in the near future will have some elegant rooms for rent, furnished. She will have an ice cream parlor in the front room.

Mike Tuhl returned from Minneapolis where he has been attending the state pharmacy school and is in his old position at Peabody’s Drug Store.

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