Commissioners hear of town agreements with sheriff

Day County Sheriff Jerred Schreur discussed with Commissioners at their Nov. 22 meeting an agreement his office has in place with the town of Roslyn. Schreur said it is five hours a month to help the community with enforcement of ordinance and have a presence in the community. He said their agreement is for the months of October, November and December. Schreur told commissioners his department gives the town a monthly report and so far it has been going well. If it goes beyond five hours ordinance enforcement it is billed at $100 an hour. Schreur said when an officer comes to the door about an ordinance violation it means a lot more than coming from a mayor or council member. Newly elected commissioner Danny Kjos said he has heard a lot of good comments with the sheriff’s department presence in the community.

Schreur said Pierpont is considering a similar agreement and asked him to their Dec. 5 meeting. Commissioners asked that Schreur report back at their Dec. 6 meeting on how it went. They also asked if any word has been received from Pierpont? Schreur said he has not at this time but is working with them in good faith.

Schreur said it will be good to see where the numbers are and what comes next.

While it is not in this year’s budget request Schreur asked permission to order new badges for his department. One badge will have an ID with it and another badge will be generic so if they leave the department a new replacement can start with a generic badge. Schreur estimated the badges at $1,200-$1,300 and is thinking there might be a Black Friday saving of 10 percent. Commissioners gave approval. Schreur said it will be likely they will not be in until 2023 so it would be out of next years budget.

The other item already approved for rifles. Schreur said his deputies, except him and Sam Ackerman are currently using their personal rifles. Equipped rifles Schreur estimated at $800-$1000 and again would not be in until 2023 and come out of that budget.

In talking dollars with commissioners Schreur asked for a pay increase for Garret Premus who has been with the department for six months. The request was for 50 cents per hour and then at his year mark would be requesting again. Nov. 20 would be Premus’s six month mark and Ackerman would go up to $23 as he will be with the department for a year.

He said while it is being requested at this time he is looking for a larger bump up for chief deputy Josh Hoven who is currently at $24.50.

Chairman Linda Walters asked Schreur if he noticed that Roberts County dispatchers went to $20 per hour. He said he did and knows his department is close and they have a different game than here. Currently the department has three full time dispatchers.

In other matters:

  • Commissioners approved a new natural gas franchise with NorthWestern Energy. The last time was 20 years ago.
  • Ben Braaten with the county highway department asked to advertise for fuel bids and tire bids with bid letting Dec. 29 and to advertise the bids Dec. 10 and 17.
  • Auditor  Karli Zimmerman informed commissioners that at their December meeting, wages for 2023 will be on the agenda.
  • Accepted the contract with the law firm of Delaney, Nielson and Sannes as public defender.
  • Approved the $1 contract with the fair board on their contract.
  • Zimmerman informed the commissioners that NE Family Support will not be renewing a lease in the courthouse as she is able to work from home.
  • Will advertise a formal supplement of the budget of $315,000 for the purchase of the ambulance and set the end of the year meeting to make contingency transfers.

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