Paper trailer program not trash, paper stacked outside trailer becomes trash



Contrary to rumors, there are no plans to abandon the Webster paper trailer.

But people could do a little more to make it easier on the volunteers running the program.

Tom Sannes, a member of the Webster Aquatic Venture for Excellence (WAVE) which is the organization responsible for the trailer being in Webster, said that despite the hassle it presents at times, their group has no intention of deserting the paper recycling services.

Neither, he added, do they have control over when a new trailer will be brought to town.

Mason City Recycling, Mason City, IA are the owners of the trailer and collect the recycled paper whenever they deliver a load of insulation, which is made from the paper they collect, to the area.

The trailer was last replaced just before Christmas and the doors were closed by the middle of January.

“This is the longest time I can remember between trailer replacement,” Rose Vogl, a volunteer with WAVE for the paper trailer, wrote in an email last week. “They will only replace the trailer when they have orders in this area. This is their slow time of year as well, so (it) will be (a) longer time span (before) they can replace the trailer.”

There is no word from Mason City Recycling as to when a new trailer will be coming.

In the meantime, WAVE volunteers are asking for the public’s understanding and cooperation – especially by not leaving stacks of bagged or boxed recycling at the closed trailer door.

“WAVE has very few volunteers to help with the paper trailer,” Vogl explained. “When the paper trailer is open, we appreciate (that) those (who) drop off paper to move (it) to the front of the trailer and stack it as high as possible. When the paper trailer is full and the doors are closed, it is very frustrating when we see paper in bags or boxes left outside... We have no control over when Mason City Recycling replaces the trailer and so it could be weeks or even months before the paper trailer is replaced. Paper left outside the trailer is now exposed to the elements of wind, rain (and) snow. Once paper is wet, it can no longer be recycled and loose paper that blows around in the parking lot also does not help. Nothing is more frustrating than to see paper left outside for us to deal with.”

Sannes likewise expressed frustration with individuals responsible for leaving stacks and bags of paper left sitting outside the closed trailer.

“The stuff on the ground, that’s garbage,” Sannes said. “If you leave paper outside the trailer, you are making work for the volunteers.”

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