I almost bought my ticket to Croatia

Do you ever have weeks when you get overwhelmed? Or not necessarily weeks, but even days or sometimes hours? The past week, and to an extent the past three have been like that. There’s been a little bit more to do than I can ever quite get done. It keeps a person on their toes, but sometimes I just need a break.

We were sitting on the couch playing a game of cribbage after a disappointing lunch. It was supposed to be a bacon wrapped stuffed chicken breast, but I didn’t look at it closely enough when shopping and it turned out to be a bacon wrapped pork loin. No problem except that it was stuffed with bleu cheese. I hate bleu cheese. Anyway, while playing our game the news was on and the reporter said that there is a village in Croatia that is selling homes for about 16 cents in U.S. dollars. I can afford that. Put me on a plane, I’m in. It’s a place that I haven’t traveled to, but my friend Lori has and she loved it. That’s enough recommendation for me.

Back at the office I was convincing some others to leave the country with me, then decided to read a little more about it. Much like our area, young people are leaving smaller towns and going to the cities. Not so much like here, there are many abandoned homes and the village of Legrad is doing something about it. They are fixer uppers and you have to commit to living there for 15 years. That much was on the news. Would I seriously consider leaving the country? No. But what an adventure. Reading further, you have to be under 40 to qualify for the offer. Dang. I was ready to fill that village with friends and relatives who are retired or at least nearing retirement age. Those Croats thought of everything. They didn’t want to end up with a nursing home community in 10 years.

So don’t expect a recruitment call to join in the fun. But if you know someone who is young and not too tied down, they just might want to look into the deal. They say Croatia is beautiful.

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