The Bristol bridge was closed to all traffic June 13 until further notice. It was deemed unsafe for crossing during an inspection, according to finance officer Chloe Rithmiller. The town board, just the week before, had implemented stricter punishments for those violating the structure’s weight limits.

Bristol bridge inspection shows structural issues, is closed to traffic until further notice

Until further notice, the bridge in Bristol will be closed. The decision to block the crossing came June 13 following a state inspection which showed structural issues with the bridge.

According to a report from IMEG, “The steel s-shaped bearing device at Bent 2 that supports the Girders in Span 2 has...


Sage Sippel competes in barrel racing during the Watertown East Region High School Rodeo in Watertown on June 11. Sippel placed 10th with a time of 17.341 in her first go and 16.851 for a score of 5. Sippel took third spot in breakaway roping with a miss in the first go and 10 points in 2.990 in the second. In team roping, Sippel took 56th with a miss in both rounds. For the rest of this story and more, check out the paper edition of the Reporter & Farmer.

Post 40 falls to Groton 0-13

Despite putting up a fight, the boys in blue were no match for Groton. On June 13, the boys of Post 40 suffered a five inning 0-13 defeat at Webster Veterans Memorial Complex.

It was a bloodbath from the beginning as Groton scored two runs in the first inning which began a pattern of twos and threes. Brent Bearman, Post 40’s one-hit wonder, could...