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Grizzlies take third in the ECC meet

The Dakota Hills Grizzlies boys and girls varsity squads both took third in the team competition of the Eastern Coteau Conference Track Meet held in Webster May 11. The junior varsity runners both placed second in the team points.


Livia Tomac was second in the 100 at 13.78, Brianna Lindholm 11th 15.60 and Tarah Prisinger 13th 16.52. In the 200 Tomac was second at 28.52, Tasha Zirbel 12th 32.92 and Lindholm 14th 35.05. Mya Heinja ran a 1:12.38 in the 400 for seventh, Aubrey Strang 11th 1:17.36 and Lindholm 12th 1:21.79. Eva Benike was fourth in the 800 at 2:54.83 and Strang sixth 3:16.94. Madison Zirbel crossed the line in second at 5:33.02 in the 1,600 and Leah Meyer fifth at 6:23.28. Madison Zirbel ran a 12:03.38 in the 3,200 for second and Meyer fourth at 14:01.15. In the 100 hurdles Ava Breske was third at 22.19 and in the 300 hurdles it was Maddie Remund fourth at 55.10. The 4x100 relay of Remund, Benike, Tasha Zirbel and Sunni O’Riley was third at 59.64. The 4x200 team of Remund, Tasha Zirbel, Heinje and Benike took third in 2:13.96. The 4x400 squad of Remund, Julia Anderson, Henija and Benike placed fourth in 4:48.12. First place in the 4x800 event was the squad of Madison Zirbel, Meyer, Anderson and Ashlyn Ebben who broke the line in 10:53.01. The Dakota Hills team in the medley of Tomac, Emily Breske, Ebben and Anderson was second at 5:14.64. Emily Breske cleared the bar in the high jump at 5’1” for first, Ebben second 4’5” and Ava Breske 4’5” for fifth. Emily Breske was seventh in the long jump at 12’2” for seventh while sister Ava a place back with a distance of 11’11.5” and Tomac 10th with 11’10”. Emily Breske was third in the triple jump at 29’7.75”, Ebben fourth 28’11” and Ava Breske seventh 25’9.75”. Olivia Ewalt tossed the shot 31’6.5” for second and Prisinger sixth 29’6.5”. Ewalt took first in the discus with toss of 104’8.5” and Prisinger fourth 86’10”.

For the boys varsity it was Seth Gaikowski fifth in the 100 at 12.29, Damon Opdahl eighth 12.69, Darius Small 10th 13.08, Niles Lecroy 11th 13.11, Jaxen Docktor 12th 13.32 and Logen Tomac 16th 13.89. Reece Renelt was second in the 200 at 24.34, Carson Schmidt fifth 26.15, Small sixth 26.18, Trey Jurgens ninth 26.88, Lecroy 10th 27.19, Docktor 14th 28.21 and Seth Gaikowski 15th 28.96. In the 400 Caleb Weyh was sixth at 59.19, Pierceson VanBeek seventh 1:00.96 and Kolby Haubris 12th 1:09.81. In the 800 Colby Rumpza was fifth at 2:26.88 and Teegan Gaikowski eighth 2:50.34. Nolan Thuringer ran the 1,600 in 5:39.22 for fifth. and the 3,200 in 13:05.01 for third. VanBeek did the 110 hurdles in 21.16 for third while Renelt cleared the 300 meter hurdles for first in 41.49, Kolt Mendenhall sixth 57.81 and Dylan Rumpza seventh in 1:05.17. The 4x100 team of Small, Jurgens, Lecroy and JT Gulbraa was third at 50.98. The 4x200 took first with a time of 1:39.19 comprised of Seth Gaikowski, Schmidt, Opdahl and Renelt. In the 4x400 the Grizzlies were fourth in 4:11.20 and made up of Weyh, Brayden Ebben, VanBeek and Opdahl. The 4x800 team of Weyh, Hayden Niles, Ebben and Colby Rumpza was second at 9:37.04. Crossing the line in 4:07.81 in the sprint medley was Dakota Hills team of Colby Rumpza, Schmidt, Seth Gaikowski and Opdahl. Ebben was second in the high jump at 5’1” and Small fourth 4’7”. In the long jump Colby Rumpza was fifth 17’8.5”, Docktor ninth 15’11.25” and Haubris 13th 14’.5”. Renelt took first in the triple jump clearing 40’2.25”, Schmidt third 37’6.75”, VanBeek fifth 34’7” and Docktor ninth 29’8”. Jurgens heaved the shot 38’3” for third, Tomac fifth 36’9.5”, Gulbraa seventh 35’.5” and Niles 12th 26’4”. In the discus Jurgens had a toss of 111’9” for second, Tomac seventh 92’6”, Gulbraa eighth 84’10” and Niles 12th at 72’3”.

Junior varsity

For the junior varsity girls Reese Rudebusch ran the 100 in 15.89 for eighth followed by six teammates right behind with Kayce Berger 15.91, Lisa Purdy 16.04, Jada Cameron 16.17, Scarlett Renville 16.35, Peyton Rumpza 16.62, Katie Snyder 16.84, Caley Boik 16th 16.94, Ryley Jorgenson 18th 17.67, Jozee Snyder 19th 17.79 followed by Lily Thurman 18.13, Bailee Utne 18.21, Rhianna Jorgenson 18.60 and Annika Smith 25th 20.25.. In the 200 it was Nikki Hoeger 2nd 31.24, Renville fifth 34.08, Jorgenson sixth 34.81, Bethanie Anderson 12th 37.74 and Rhianna Jorgenson 13th 38.01. The 400 meter Rumpza was third 1:14.28, Addison Heinje sixth 1:17.80, Boik eighth 1:21.54 and Anderson ninth 1:28.08. Purdy took third in the 800 at 3:10.6. Kayce Berger ran the 200 hurdles in 40.45 for fourth. Dakota Hills took second and third in the 4x100 with times of 1:03.91 and 1:06.74. On the second place team it was Berger, Hoeger, Purdy and Elyssa Tomac and the other team Cameron, Madeline Jorgenson, Renville and Snyder. The 4x200 team of Tomac, Strang, Lindholm and Heinje was second at 2:12.02. The 4x400 squad of Boik, Rudebusch, Anderson and Annicka Smith was third 6:09.73. Dakota Hills went 1-2 in the 800 medley with Berger, Hoeger Rumpza and Strang taking it in 2:17.95 and Cameron, Jorgenson, Heinje and Anderson 2:18.27. In the high jump Reese was first with 3’11” and Rumpza 3rd 3’7”. The Grizzlies had a slew of long jumpers with Cameron fifth 10’11” followed by Purdy 10’9.25”, Tomac eighth 10’4.25”, Jorgenson 9’10.75” and Boik 9’7.25”. For 13th-18th were Snyder 8’11” who was tied with Lily Thurman, Renville 8’11”, Mackenzie Zubke 8’5”, Ryley Jorgenson 8’1” and Rhianna Jorgenson 7’4.75”. Emilie Metz tossed the shot 25’2” for a tie for first, Ryley Jorgenson third 24’.5”, Hoeger fifth 22’4”, Zubke seventh 20’4”, Rhianna Jorgenson a spot back 19’6”, Jozee Snyder 10th 18’11.5”, Katie Snyder 11th 18’11” and Utne 13th 18’4”. In the discus Katie Snyder was first 55’5.5”, Ryley Jorgenson third 47’11”, Zubke fouth 42’10.5”, Utne sixth 37’6” and Jozee Snyder eighth 34’10’5”.

On the boys side Tigh Gaikowski was second in the 100 at 13.70, Kolt Mendenhall third 13.72, Treyce Forsche seventh 15.35, Caleb Miller ninth followed by Witten Butler 15.58, Kevin Argo 15.67, Carson Jurgens 13th 16.36, Newton Campbell a spot back 16.75 and Cooper Ebsen 17th 17.38. The 200 Tigh Gaikowski was second 29.12, Mendenhall fourth 30.28, Forsche seventh 31.70, Miller eighth 32.05, Hunter Bourassa 10th 33.90 followed by Jurgens 34.96, Campbell 35.05 and Ebsen 35.12. In the 400 it was Ethan Schwenn fourth 1:05.09, Linken Niles sixth 1:08.8, Dominic Hopkins eighth 1:09.49, Teegan Gaikowski 10th 1:14.84, followed by Gaikowski 1:19.08, Campbell 1:19.25 Ebsen 1:19.94 and Kevin Argo 1:23.82. In the 800 it was Schwenn second at 2:37.42, Hopkins third 2:48.2, Niles fourth 2:48.9 and Tripp Gaikowski sixth 2:53.72. The Grizzlies took first and third in 4x100 with Argo, Ebsen, Newton Campreni and Jurgens 1:00.78 and Hopkins, Brooks Dolen, Butler and Dylan Rumpza 1:05.48. The 4x200 team of Tigh Gaikowski, Mendenhall, Niles and Schwenn was second in 2:08.49. The 4x400 team of Teegan Gaikowski, Tripp Gaikowski, Niles and Schwenn was third in 5:07.39. The 800 medley team of Butler, Hopkins, Tigh Gaikowski and Nolan Thuringer was first at 2:01.92.In the high jump Rumpza cleared 4’3” for fourth and Teegan Gaikowski fifth 4’1”. In the long jump Dolen was third at 11’8.5”, Bourassa sixth 10’5.5” and Butler a spot back 9’9”. In the shot it was Dolen in third 35’9.5”, Drew Biel seventh 28’3.5”, Miller 14th 22’5” followed by Bourassa 20’2.5” and Tripp Gaikowski 19’7.5”. In the discus event Dolen took second with a toss of 83’10.5”, Biel seventh 79’5”, Miller 12th 68’3.5” Bourassa 13th 57’8” and Tripp Gaikowski 52’3.5”.

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